Moving to Lichfield


Living in Lichfield

The city of Lichfield is both beautiful and small. It is well connected in terms of removal companies and public transport and is also very close to Birmingham. House prices are lower than the city of Birmingham, and there are not really any ‘bad’ areas in Lichfield. The schools are excellent, and the city is host to a number of little local shops.

Most residents find the city to be quiet and warm. There are a lot of things to see and do while you live there, and you are never too far from larger cities and areas that might have a bit more variety in terms of shopping and activities.



Lichfield is a well-known historic city that is located very closely to Birmingham. Whether you live there or are simply visiting, there is something for everyone to do. From visiting beautiful memorials to fascinating historical sites, there is a day out for everyone. The local theatre always has a variety of performances going on, and if you want to go to the cinema or visit larger shopping areas, then the city of Birmingham is just a stone’s throw away.